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You're probably curious about what your first appointment at Five25 looks like! One of us is ready to welcome you. To begin with, we'll take the time to get to know each other better. We'll do this by asking questions, including through questionnaires. Then, we'll take a look inside your mouth. This might take a bit longer the first time, as we want to get a clear picture of your oral health. After that, we'll discuss what we've found and which treatment(s) are suitable. If you have any questions or other ideas at that point, there's time and space for that too. Afterwards, if you're comfortable, we'll proceed with the treatment. This will include:
Innovatieve controle

Innovative examination

In addition to the regular oral hygiene check, we offer an extra technology, our digital mouth camera called QLF.
With this, we can effortlessly detect plaque and early cavities in a very early stage! We also have other supplementary examinations that we use if necessary for your situation.

Personalized advice

The most crucial aspect of achieving and maintaining the health of your mouth and teeth for as long as possible is what you can do at home on a daily basis! Our dental hygienists are here to provide you with personalized and suitable advice tailored to your situation to help you maintain excellent self-care at home. Naturally, our goal is to minimize the times you need our assistance!

Preventieve behandeling
Risico's herstellen

Plaque, stain, and tartar removal

Our experienced team removes all plaque, stains, and tartar, utilizing the latest equipment to ensure the treatment is as painless as possible. This way, you'll leave our practice with a clean, smooth, and fresh sensation.

Targeted fluoride application

If it turns out that you have early cavities or are prone to them, we actively combat demineralization and aim to restore weak spots in your enamel through a targeted fluoride treatment.

Fluoride aanbrengen
With regular oral hygiene check-ups and the latest digital technology, we can detect the risk of cavities much earlier and address them preventively, thereby preventing tooth decay, chronic gum inflammation, and drilling.

As for the costs of this appointment, we adhere to nationally established rates set by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa). The costs are free for patients up to 25 years old."

For a comprehensive overview of our house rules, please refer to the 'General' section on our website

Don't forget to bring your identification card and/or insurance card with you during your first visit, so that we can accurately process your personal information in our patient records.

At Five25 Dental Hygienists, our goal is to optimize your oral health and send you home with a confident smile. We look forward to welcoming you soon to our modern and professional practice!

* For the age group 18 to 25, the treatment is free for the duration of the pilot. 

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